daliah spiegel kiss vlad und beka

what´s up in MOSCOW: love in a hopeless place for Indie

14. Dezember 2013

My friend Kira and I have been invited to Russia’s fashion week. I had mixed feelings about this trip: On the one hand, it was very exciting for me to get into touch with this country unknown to me so far; but on the other hand I disdain the political system and i was even more pissed about the relatively new law, which forbids “propaganda promoting a homosexual lifestyle in the public”. This disastrous development couldn’t remain uncommented. By chance we got to know Bekuchi and Vlad. When I first saw them I immediately wanted to know those boys, they seemed interesting, handsome and brave. They looked like they had stories to tell and it turned out to be true. We were allowed to accompany them for a day, from work to home and under the covers, talking to them about their fears, their hopes, their situation, the future and love.

daliah-spiegel vlad und beka

daliah spiegel vlad and bekka078

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daliah spiegel vlad and beka portrait