TRASH¿ Liu Haisu Museum, Shanghai

18. Dezember 2016



Interactive Installation


Daliah Spiegel is inviting you to create a temporary sculpture out of your formerly beloved garments. Over the course of one week these no longer wanted things will shift and merge to form a centrepiece sculpture in the entrance to Liu Haisu Museum.

After experimenting with vintage clothes for years the artist takes the fun- ction of an invisible stage director and empowers the participants to join in, following a set of guidelines. Daliah Spiegel’s approach integrates en- vironmental aspects and seeks for visually stimulating outcomes. She aims to enable a moment of gathering and encountering around re-cycling, re- manufacturing, and other re-economic models to promote a consci- ous Zero*Waste thinking mixed with creativity and fun.

On the last day of the one week long accumulation of garments a photo shooting will be staged. Artists and friends have been invited to experiment with shapes, concepts, styling and anything they can come up with. Dali- ah will then photograph the creations. At the end of the shooting, partici- pants of the swap installation are invited to trade their clothes with others who have also donated to the installation.

Aiming to capture the unwanted in a new light and injecting value, other- wise unnoticed. An alternative set of aesthetics will be promoted, imagi- nation stimulated in order to question fast fashion & unre ected consume- rism. Transforming objects of non-desire into desired ones again, because one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

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