Meshit X Daliah Spiegel

2. Juni 2012

2nd of June 2012 Wood Wood Wien presented the capsule collection “Meshit X Daliah Spiegel”, in which potpourri patterns were assembled in basic pieces. This resulted in an interesting proposal for this summer. Vienna based Meshit is a young fashion label formed by Ida Steixner and Lena Krampf. Their pieces play with careful volume contrasts and create androgynous shapes rooted in urban culture. Daliah Spiegel is an artist and photographer, who happily took part in the collaborative collection, which was curated by Kasa Schild and Lara García Díaz. The initial idea was to work with photographs as basic material for the collection. As animal lovers, Meshit & Daliah Spiegel quickly found a theme for the collection: pictures of farm animals, pets, savage beasts, toys and other motives were carefully collected and captured. The animal photographs were mixed up with colorful crystals, found in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. Although the patterns and collages were arranged digitally, all photographs were shot with an analogue camera. Each print shows a different approach to the theme: you can find abstract circle patterns, an altered animal-flower camouflage, or also a jam-packed massive collage. The result is a peppy and original, limited edition collection.









daliah_kleid_schuhbinden Kopie


meshit+daliah311 Kopie


camo_tanktop Kopie  cyrcle_outfit_gehen