EAT THE UGLY – dinner performance

27. Oktober 2016



Julia Zotter

Harauld Ox Sextus ( Shanghai Bakery)

We invited 2 guest chefs to cook a dinner. The food concept is to surprise the guest with ugly, wierd, grotesque and non “instagram-able” food. The chefs were life cooking in the middle of the crowd, creating a wild, colourful balagan.

Another key aspect will be to source food that is not perfect, ugly, damaged in order to educate costumers that also ugly food tastes delicious. Suppliers and supermarkets could help with providing food that is past its official expiration date or unworthy of other supermarket shelves because of aesthetic imperfections and damaged packaging.



Grebnellaw X Daliah Spiegel



Celebrating the ugly, the weird, the abject, and the challenging have never been more important than in today’s society where a dangerous “cult of perfection” is leading to a depletion of our planet’s resources. The constant hunt for unreachable beauty ideals wether it be in fashion,a car design or food is leading to food wastage, diseases, pollu- tion, and global warming. Our planet is finding itself in a state of emergency.

Dining as a daily social moment created the perfect framework and setting to play with expectations and to question the current state of art.

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